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Fabrication and Machining in Attleboro Falls, MA

Our experienced Machining, Fabrication, and Estimating team at Sousa & DeMayo, Inc. is ready to help you with all of your metal working needs. Some of the industries we have serviced range from Power Distribution and Deep Water Oil Exploration to Machine Tool and Offset Printing, we can assist you in achieving your objectives.

Our company's goal is to become the most efficient producer of the highest quality fabricated metal products. Investments in new technology, employee training, and attention to customer needs are our primary focus. Contact us today to find out how our routing and job tracking processes help us achieve our mission.

Fabrication - Machining - Finishing -  Assembly of:
• Enclosures
• Consoles
• Weldments
• Frames
• Panels
• Cubicles
• Test Chambers
• Molds
• Water Tanks
• Clean Rooms
• Machine Guarding
• Platforms
• Tubing Frames
• Hydraulic Tanks
• Hoppers
• Chassis
• Semi-Conductor 
• Angle Frames
• Displays
• Centrifuge
• N.E.M.A.
• Covers
• Hoods
• Bus Bars
• Stairs
• Walkways
• Coolers
• Muffles
• Tables
• Carts
• Racks

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